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Ok i want to make a scrap kit that everyone wants to see. Im bored of emo/goth/grunge. I will be making 2 kits one free and one pay to use! The free kit i am thinking native american as i see alot of tags but no kits to match the tubes. What do you guys think? what would you like to see in the kit? For the pay to use kit it will have 50+ unique elements (no repeats) and 10+ papers If i use your idea you will receive the kit for free. If i have enough suggestions of multiple kits i will slowly work through the ideas and the same will apply. If i use your ideas you will receive the kit free :) Email me @ with your idea's I look forwards to your emails and suggestions and cant wait to get creating for you. Hugs Stacie


R said...

Do you have a particular tribe in mind? Look at their early lifestyle, before they became "modern". What was their housing like? Not all natives lived in teepees. What kinds of utensils did they use for cooking, eating, carrying water... what were their clothes like? What about festival/wedding clothes? Not just the women, but the men too. Were they hunter/gatherers or farmers? Ride horses? the tribes near the oceans used shells for decorations. Some tribes used porcupine quills for decorations as well as feathers, wood and bone.
These are just some ideas to get you thinking if you hadn't thought of them yet. :)
This sounds like it will be a great kit!!

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