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If you use my CU & CU4CU freebies please display my free license on your blog with a link back so others can also enjoy the freebies.

 Free CU4CU license

My Blinkie

I'm inviting active tutorial writers to use my kits for free in their tutorials
I mainly want my newer kits (Punk City & Timeless) to be worked with at the moment and future kits.

I don't have a lot of demands i just ask that you create at least 1 tutorial per kit.

You advertise through tut groups, fourms, pages and any other form of advertising you use.
That doesn't mean you have to use all of the above though they are just suggestions as everyone advertises different.

Please send me a link to your tutorial so i can advertise you as a tutorial writer and your tutorials too :)

If you would like to join my creative team please send me a email to

Please give me a little about yourself as i like to get to know people and maybe make new friends while im at it :) I also need to know your tutorial address, primary email address, what form of advertising you use and any questions you have for me.

Thank you in advance and i look forwards to hearing from you.


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If you have any questions or just want to contact me you can email me at

Or message me via facebook.