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If you use my CU & CU4CU freebies please display my free license on your blog with a link back so others can also enjoy the freebies.

 Free CU4CU license

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CU Frame Script Freebie

This frame will create a full sized frame around 2500 x 2500 pxls.
It ends in 4 layers for you to make any changes to the separate frame layers.

This script hasn't been tested in any other psp except X3 so i would be interested to know if there are any problems running in other versions.
If you do run in to any errors while running the script please contact me at with the version of psp and what the kind of error you're getting. Thank you.

This script is a fan page exclusive. All you have to do is pop over HERE and click the like button to get the freebie. You will also get the latest on freebies and news. 

I hope you enjoy the script and it runs okay.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much dear :)


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